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sleep is like a fever

and I'm glad when it ends.

Fun Fact: If the introductory riff of "The One You Love" doesn't sound soft core smutty enough, try listening to it as a ringtone. It completes the soundtrack for cheap, girly pr0n; it truly does.


Aside from the consumption of free time by some of unavoidable affairs - of varying levels of significance, whether self-imposed or otherwise - there are a number of other factors to consider as to why I don't update my journal often. One happens to outshine the rest, at the moment... The fact that I want nothing (approximated value) to do with our ill, godforsaken computer. If I could afford to, I'd diagnose the condemned thing as "quickly approaching a well-deserved death." That's right, you're going straight to CPU hell. There ain't nothing Norton can do for you now.
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